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Local Website Archive  v.1.24

Local Website Archive offers a fast and easy way to store web pages from your browser permanently for future reference. Local Website Archive works with all browsers and also with other online tools (Email, Newsreader, etc.)

Yahoo! Messenger Archive Decoder  v.1.1

Yahoo! Messenger Archive Decoder is the quiet way to view the YIM chats of others whom use your PC. This program turns chat archiving on for ALL users without any passwords. You can then easily view archives for all users within the YMAD interface.

Cool Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder  v.1.0.2

Decode and see yours and others yahoo messenger conversation log files in your computer without logging in, if you ever wanted want to spy on your loved ones or want to read your own chat log try "Free Yahoo! Messenger Archive Decoder" it’s FREE.

Entourage Email Archive X for Mac OS  v.4.2

The best solution for archiving your email from within Microsoft Entourage.EEAX can archive/export email to many different format and structures and archives are searchable by SpotlightEEAX is fully Unicode compliant.EEAX can also export email to

Dapyx Messenger Archive Reader  v.1.0

This program reads the Yahoo Messenger archive log files, allows searching through them and easily convert them to standard formats, like HTML and plain text.

AJC Revision Archive  v.1.9.3

An AJC revision archive can hold multiple revisions of the same file in one archive file. The archive file is very compact because it is compressed and only the changes are stored each time a new revision is

Alexey Zybin Archive  v.1.1

Alexey Zybin Archive 1.1 has come as a smart and flexible program with a lot of features for you. Archive will be useful for those who needs to catalogue their own records and documents (*.txt, *.rtf). It is written on VB .NET (2003). It contains

Local Website Archive Lite  v.3.1.0

Local Website Archive offers a fast and easy way to store information from the web on your hard disk. Archived documents are stored in their original file format and can also be opened with associated applications or found by desktop search

Music Archive  v.1.01

PublicWare Music Archive is an application that is has been developed to control and navigate around in music archives. The computer has a great advantages compared to CDs, the computer can save large amounts of music, all songs can quickly found,

Neda-Nama (yahoo message archive Decoder)  v.1.05

Neda-Nama is a Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder for any user without knowing their password. It is a great tool if you have archived conversation but your yahoo ID is not working due to some reason. Yahoo messenger doesn't let you see the archive

Optimal Archive  v.1.0

Optimal Archive lets you view the structure of your zip-file in the explorer tree - launch applications from inside the zip file, and drag and drop files from and to the zip file with ease and it is free. You can compress zip files and uncompress

Archive DJ  v.0.1.6

ArchiveDJ produces a suite of play-lists based on automatically determined themes that span a given music archive. It has settings for optimal size and how important it is to cover as much of the archive as

Archive Explorer  v.1

Archive Explorer is a pure VB program that is capable of showing the contents of different archives and some archives can be extracted. Contents can be shown are: ZIP,GZ,TGZ,TAR,ARC,ARJ,RAR,CAB,LZH,LHA. Contents can be extracted are:

Autoconf Macro Archive  v.2007.0205

The Autoconf Macro Archive provides documented and tested macros that are useful to many software writers using the autoconf tool, but too specific to be included into autoconf itself.

Disc Indexing and Archive Searching Tool  v.1.0

The DIAS Tool (Disc Indexing and Archive Searching Tool) is a program that will index a given disc, or directory, so that the database can be searched later for a given entries details. Including on wich disc it

FM Archive Viewer  v.0.0.1

FM Archive Viewer allows easy access to MS SQL Server fax archives created by GFI

JarWizy - A Java Archive Utility  v.0.3

An easy-to-use, user-friendly GUI for archived file formats (jar, zip, tar). Explorer-type archive browsing with all the archiving functionality offered through a much easier, quicker & more understandable manner than its command-line counterpart.

Protein And Nucleotide Data Archive  v.alpha

PANDA (Protein And Nucleotide Data Archive) unifies the archival of the sequences from Taxonomy,GenBank,RefSeq,UniProt,PDB,and PRF on a regular interval to build and maintain a Protein and Nucleotide data archive. This project is part of BRC project

Radio Archive Recorder-Streamer  v.2.0.2

Records audio source according to playlist specifications. Playlist specifies start time, duration, mp3 resolution and whether to upload to archive. Also allows multiple streams of audio at specified mp3 resolution. Designed to work with

Cadopy - Personal Archive  v.1.0

Cadopy is a personal archive system. Objects can be imported(files, bookmarks, email, csv, ...) or created directly via theweb interface. The object schema can be adapted continuously. Search is via OQL or fulltext. Uses Python, CherryPy and MySQL.

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